Martes, Hulyo 29, 2014

Gulftainer Company Limited United Arab Emirates INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT

Gulftainer Company Limited is one of the few global terminal operators who have also invested heavily in Inland Container Depots globally. Gulftainer owns and operates the Sharjah Inland Container Deport (SICD), UAE and the Umm Qasr Logistics Center ICD, Iraq. These ICDs not only act as an extension to our seaport facilities but also help in the supply chain integration to our customers providing value added services like transportation and storage, general and bonded warehousing, empty handling and several value added services.

Going forward, Gulftainer plans to utilize its global presence to further extend capacities, expand its presence in new inland locations with the backing of a strong management team, and look at new avenues and verticals to become an all-encompassing service provider in the logistics industry of the countries we operate in.

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