Sabado, Hulyo 19, 2014

Peter Richards Gulftainer Company Limited

Peter Richards is a qualified Master Mariner with Diploma in Nautical Science.

Peter Richards joined Gulftainer Co. Ltd. in March 1987. Prior to his current position of Managing Director of Gulftainer Co. Ltd., Peter has held the positions of General Manager, Operations Manager, Terminal Manager and Operations Superintendent within the Company.

Peter is also the Board Member and Director of Gulftainer Company Limited and a number of associate and subsidiary companies of the Group.

Peter has twelve years of seagoing experience and twenty-six years of expertise in the operation and management of Ports and Container Terminals.

During the 26 years he has been employed by Gulftainer Company Limited, he has been initially part of, and later in charge of, a diversified team which has steered the company from an unknown position of local, UAE, private terminal operator to the present position of an International Port Operator with an annual throughput of over 6 million teus. Operating ports which produce the highest productivity achieved on various major shipping line vessels, (CMA-CGM, Hanjin and UASC). He has gained the reputation of being able to operate a very tight ship with excellent productivity, whilst maintaining a loyal, long term staff. Gulftainer’s Management Team, under his command, are now the most successful privately owned port operators in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia Region.

Under Peter’s leadership Gulftainer has diversified from simply a port operator to a fully comprehensive logistics supplier. During his tenure Peter has expanded Gulftainer’s global footprint into Europe, Russia and the South Americas. The reputation earned in its home ports has enabled Gulftainer to export its capabilities, experience and productivity world-wide. This commenced as soon as Peter took the reins in 2006 when he was able to win an on-going consultancy contract with the Kuwait Port Authority to shadow manage their port facilities.

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